Daily Reflections

Build on the Rock

June 13, 2021 Shannon Popkin

“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” —Matthew 7:24

In Jesus’ story in Matthew 7, by the time the storm comes it’s too late to think about weatherproofing the house. The foundation has already been chosen.

It’s true in life, too. Picture two women from the same church. Both hear the sermons. But when they leave, their lives head in different directions. The first woman acts on her convictions. But the second woman rationalizes, procrastinates, or gets too busy.

Which one is prepared to withstand the coming storms? Jesus says it’s the first woman, who has built her life on the rock, because she acted on her convictions. Over time, her obedience and convictions have cemented into place. Her security was put down long before the first crack of thunder.

The second woman, however, never laid a foundation. She always caved into her selfishness, fear, or laziness. And now, she stands on shifting sand. She has no rock-solid foundation of obedience to steady her as the winds of fear, disappointment, grief, and anger howl.

Make it Personal

How do you respond to conviction? Is your heart tender to the Lord’s prompts? Are you quick to realign yourself with God’s standards?