Daily Reflections

Ask Him First

June 29, 2022 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Make your ways known to me, Lord; teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me. —Psalm 25:4–5

David didn’t just want to contemplate the beauty of the Lord, he wanted to learn more of His ways. He wanted to seek wisdom and direction from the Lord.

Again and again through Scripture we see David seeking God’s direction before he took action. There are so many things about which we need to inquire of the Lord. He invites us to bring to Him the perplexities, challenges, and dilemmas that are facing us!

When inquiring of the Lord, we live in His presence. We look on His beauty, and then we inquire in His temple, asking Him for wisdom for the difficult things we’re going through. He is the source of all wisdom.

There are a lot of places we often turn for light and direction: friends, books, podcasts, pop culture, our own experience, our own opinions. But to whatever extent these sources aren’t rooted and grounded in Christ, sooner or later they will all prove to be faulty guides.

Make it Personal

How often do you run to someone or something other than the Lord instead of first asking for His help?