Daily Reflections

The Antidote to Fear

March 15, 2021 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? —Psalm 27:1

At the beginning of Psalm 46, everything is in turmoil. Yet the psalmist says, “Therefore we will not fear” (v. 2). Why? Because God is our refuge and strength (v. 1).

Our lack of fear isn’t based on what’s going on around us, because those things can be dreadfully fearful. The answer isn’t trying to control our environment, to keep it trouble-free. Rather the antidote to fear is anchoring our lives on the unshakable foundation of the character of God.

This doesn’t mean we won’t ever have fearful feelings. Instead, I think it means we won’t be overwhelmed or paralyzed by fear. We’ll have the strength and the courage to overcome it because we know who is in control of it all.

God wants to be our safe place, our refuge in the midst of the storm. It doesn’t mean the storms don’t come. They’re coming right now. We can hear that thunder rattling around. But we can remain calm in the midst of storms because we have a refuge, and His name is Jesus.

Make it Personal

Read several verses today about the character of God, and ask Him to help these Truths drive out any fear in your heart.