Daily Reflections

A Time to Sing

July 24, 2022 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Oh come, let us sing to the Lord. —Psalm 95:1 ESV

During the Thirty Years’ War in the seven- teenth century, a German pastor named Paul Gerhardt and his family were forced to flee their home. One night as they stayed
at a village inn, homeless and afraid, Pastor Gerhardt tried to comfort his wife with God’s promises. He then went outside, and once he was alone he began to weep. Not long after, he felt renewed by the sense of God’s presence. Pastor Gerhardt took his pen and wrote a hymn that has brought comfort to numerous people since.1 One stanza says:

Through waves and clouds and storms,
He gently clears the way;
Wait thou His time, so shall this night
Soon end in joyous day.2

God gives songs in the night. Even when sight tells us that it’s dark outside and it seems that God has forsaken us, faith says, “Hope in God, for I will still praise Him.” When sight says everything is falling apart, exercise faith and sing to God who is your hope.

1 Our Daily Bread, May 7, 1992.
2 Paul Gerhardt, “Give to the Winds Thy Fears,” 1656. Translated by John Wesley.

Make it Personal

How does singing praises to the Lord help to give you hope during difficult times?