Daily Reflections

A Steering Mechanism

October 5, 2022 Mary Kassian

Though the tongue is a small part of the body, it boasts great things. —James 3:5

On September 26, 2000, the Greek ferry MS Express Samina struck a rocky islet and sank, killing eighty-two people. This tragic event could have been avoided—if the captain had manned the bridge. Instead he left the vessel on autopilot, then made excuses for his behavior. But it was his responsibility to drive that ship.

We also need to accept responsibility for how we pilot our mouths—for what we say and how we respond to circumstances. Your husband doesn’t “make” you say nasty things. Your children don’t “make” you irritable and snappy. That aggravating coworker isn’t responsible for your cutting remarks.

Your tongue is your primary steering mechanism; it determines your direction. But you don’t have the strength to manage the wheel correctly, so you must get help. And help is available—from Someone whose words are flawless.

The Lord will arm you with strength, help turn your tongue in the right direction, and make your way perfect—if you let Him. Make the choice to let your heavenly Father steer your words.

Make it Personal

Where does your tongue usually “steer” you? What can you do today to turn it in the right direction?