Daily Reflections

A Safe Place

March 1, 2023 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Are you not from eternity, LORD my God? My Holy One, you will not die. —Habakkuk 1:12

God’s presence was Habakkuk’s safe place. The turmoil caused by Judah’s sin and the disturbance of God’s resulting judgment was nearly overwhelming. It’s easy to imagine that Habakkuk saw the storm coming and he reached for something secure to cling to. Otherwise, his hope might have been carried too far to recover.

Are you not from eternity? There it was—a solid truth about God’s nature that Habakkuk could wrap his anxious heart around. So long as this was true of God, then Habakkuk could once again know that God was unshakable. God’s nature, which is to say God Himself, was the only place of unrivaled security.

Paul and Silas knew this, too, so they were able to sing in a dungeon. Daniel embraced it and then napped with the lions. Knowing the truth of God is calming to our heart, even while the debris of sin and judgment flies through the air around us. When our hearts return to worship, our minds return to peace.

Make it Personal

Choose one aspect of God’s character. Tell God that you know this is true of Him, then praise Him for being this way.