Daily Reflections

A Powerful Distractor

April 4, 2024 Betsy Gómez

Martha was distracted by her many tasks. —Luke 10:40

In Luke 10, Martha was being diligent and hospitable. She welcomed Jesus into her home and served Him. Mary, her sister, stopped what she was doing and sat down to listen to Jesus.

Mary was sitting at the Lord’s feet paying attention to His teaching, but Martha was doing the opposite. Her attention was pulled in multiple directions. She was distracted by everything she was doing to serve others.

Serving and doing are powerful distracters. And a distracted heart is extremely dangerous because it makes us vulnerable. It makes us critical and jealous of others. We start to question God’s character and lose the notion of who He is. We lose joy in the task we’re doing because our service is no longer an offering but a means to get God’s approval.

A woman led by distraction is vulnerable to believe all sorts of lies about God, about herself, about others, about what is really important. Let us come to Jesus instead and listen to His Word.


The Truth About Priorities” (message, True Woman ’18)

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Make it Personal

Have you let serving God distract you from sitting at Jesus’ feet? Evaluate where you’re serving to see if you need to make any changes.