Daily Reflections

A Model of Faith

January 27, 2024 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

“Daniel, you are a man treasured by God.” —Daniel 10:11

Throughout his long life, Daniel remained a stalwart pillar of faith, exerting a righteous influence in an unrighteous environment. This is because he fixed his sight on the long view— the certainty of God’s everlasting kingdom.

Can you see why the account given to us in the book of Daniel is so applicable and needed today? Here where we live and serve in the “Babylon” we know, the life, words, and demeanor of this faithful, faith-filled man provide a model for believers of every generation.

That’s why I don’t consider it any coincidence that the Lord turned my attention to Daniel’s story in Scripture as my own world was roiling in 2020. As I soaked in this book, the truth of “Heaven rules” proved to be a solid rock for my faith. The things God taught me through Daniel have caused this phrase to become my true north in an even richer, sweeter way than I had ever experienced before. And today, when life and the world so often feel upside down, this enduring truth keeps me right side up.


Heaven Rules: Take courage. Take comfort. Our God is in control. ©2022 Revived Hearts Foundation

Scripture taken from The CSB

Make it Personal

How does the life of Daniel encourage you in your present-day circumstances?