Daily Reflections

A Good Use of Evil

March 12, 2023 Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

The LORD has prepared everything for his purpose—even the wicked for the day of disaster. —Proverbs 16:4

Solomon and Habakkuk reached the same conclusion: God will use evil for His good purposes. Solomon must have seen this play out many times while serving as the king of Israel. Habakkuk learned it when he pleaded with God for justice for the people of Judah and the Lord sent judgment instead.

For a heart to turn to the Lord it must first turn away from evil. Before restoration there will be cleansing, and sometimes that means God will employ the wicked to shock the righteous. Pain serves God’s purpose of drawing His people back.

Lest you feel overwhelmed and think evil is winning, it is not. God restrains it. Just as He set limits on what Satan could do to Job, so He has set boundaries on how long evil can beat against the walls of His grace. It will serve His purpose, and nothing more.

Make it Personal

Pray for your family and friends who are straying from the Lord. Pray for God’s mercy and their quick return.