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The Horror of Horror Movies

While a couple of hours of heart-pumping horror may seem harmless, it isn’t. Here are five reasons to avoid horror movies this Halloween.

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A Beautiful Song

Grab your Bible, and flip to Exodus 15:20–21. Let’s let Miriam’s story teach us the reason why we worship.

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A Beautiful Knowing

Grab your Bible, and turn to Genesis 16 with us. Today we meet “a God of seeing.”

Face Ministry Criticism Like Jesus Did image

Face Ministry Criticism Like Jesus Did

When you’re wounded by critical words, it’s hard not to take it personally. Remember you’re in company with Jesus who endured criticism for our sake.

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If You've Ever Thought God Is Anti-Sex

God takes sex very seriously. But the picture He gives us of sexuality is more intense, vibrant, and, well . . . sexy . . . than any view taught by the culture.

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Confessions of a Former Virgin

As I look back on our dating years and our commitment to stay pure before and after marriage, I’m amazed at the lessons God has taught us along the way.

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Facebook, You Are Not My Church

The web will remain a worldwide hub for connection, but it can only enhance, never replace the gift God gave us when He created the Church.