While You Wait for Your Prodigal

A growing number of families find themselves heartbroken over a sheep who has strayed. This challenge was created in response to their outcry. Spend time each day in God’s Word and in prayer. The “Make It Personal” questions help you take the message to heart.

NOTE: This challenge runs from June 1–30. If you sign up after June 1, you will start the challenge corresponding to the date you sign up.

This challenge is also available in Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Italian. Visit: ReviveOurHearts.com/languages

What to Expect

An email will be delivered to your inbox each day that includes:

  1. A passage of Scripture to meditate on
  2. A short devotional rooted in God’s Word
  3. A specific challenge to apply biblical principles to your own life
  4. A resource chosen by the Revive Our Hearts staff
  5. A set of reflection questions to help you dig deeper

Consider what God is teaching you. Keeping a journal is one way to process the journey, another is to purchase a copy of the book and record your prayers there.

To prepare your heart as you begin this journey, spend some time with the Lord in prayer today. Share with Him your current feelings and concerns, your hopes and expectations. Ask Him to work powerfully over the next thirty days.

Sample Days

Here is a sample of three emails from this challenge.

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