Your Next Step as a Woman of Prayer


My guess is that you had one of two internal responses when you read that solitary word. 

  1. Yes! Let’s do this! I need to learn more about/be better at/become more consistent with this important spiritual discipline.
  2. Ugh. Prayer. Are we going to talk about this again???

How do I know you likely responded in one of these ways? Because from my perch here at Revive Our Hearts, I see you tapping your search bar with queries like these:

  • 30-Day prayer challenge
  • How to pray for your husband
  • Effective prayer life
  • How to conduct a prayer meeting
  • How to lead your children in prayer
  • How to make a prayer journal 
  • Prayer for country
  • Prayer for elections
  • Prayer for men of God
  • Prayer for revival

And more!

I've also heard from True Woman ’22 breakout speakers whose topics hinged on prayer that you were eager to learn, enthusiastic to pray, even “starved” for content in this area.

Oh, and you, the one who groaned when the first word of this post was “prayer,” I see you too. Here’s a secret: sometimes, I am you. At times I find myself feeling dry, unable to conjure up what I believe it takes to approach the majestic God of heaven with my seemingly small needs, my big sin, and my blown up pride. But you and I need to practice the discipline of prayer as much (or more!) than those ladies who were ready to bust down the door of the prayer room at True Woman ’22. 

Good news—whether or not you were excited to see the topic of this post, the next step on your journey as a woman of prayer is the same: sign up for the 30-Day Cry Out! Challenge. 

Declare Your Hope in the “Yet”

Here’s a little teaser of what you’ll read from my friend Erin Davis on the first day of the challenge. 

Your Challenge: Begin a rhythm of fervent, daily prayer. 

I’m convinced that becoming a mother restructured my eardrums.

Before having kids, I could sleep through anything, peacefully oblivious to the sounds around me. Now, the softest whisper from my sons can jolt me awake. My ears, it seems, are always on high alert for any indication that my children are crying out for their momma.

Welcome to the Cry Out! Challenge. This is more than another task to add to your to-do list. It is an alarm, calling the Church to see what is happening in our world, to sit under the burden of it, and to set aside thirty days for desperate, focused prayer. It is a declaration that our hope is not in the headlines but in the heavenlies and we cry out to our King to intervene in our broken world. 

I don’t know about you, but my prayer life needs a good jolt. Erin continues,

For 30 days (and beyond), we are declaring our hope in the “yet.” Our world is experiencing:

  • Political division
  • Economic hardship
  • Medical crisis
  • Personal and corporate devastation
  • The erosion of biblical values. . .

And yet . . . when we turn, and cry out to God, He hears us. He delivers us according to His mercies.

Let’s turn and cry out to God, shall we? When you sign up for the challenge today, you’ll receive a daily email for the next thirty days that includes a focus passage of Scripture; devotional thoughts from Revive Our Hearts authors like Erin Davis, Dannah Gresh, Leslie Bennett, and some of our favorite guest contributors; examples of how to pray; and daily prayer prompts. 

What if these next thirty days could change everything? You already believe that Heaven rules; now experience the truth that Heaven listens. Join me and thousands of other women this month as we cry out to the God of heaven together. 

I’ll be back on the blog every Monday this month sharing updates and giving you a snapshot of the week’s challenge content, but the best way to unleash the power of prayer in your life is to take the Cry Out! challenge for yourself. Let’s cry out together! 

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