What I Learned from Eight Women's Ministry Leaders

Last week, women’s ministry leaders from around the country joined our team for the day. I had the privilege of spending a whole day with a small group of these women. (Super exciting for someone like me who spends most days “talking” to women through a computer!) 
I learned so much from these women, and thought you’d enjoy hearing some of their insights: 
Anne: . . . You’re in a spiritual battle, battling a spirit of rebellion. You war against it by love, by pouring out the love of Christ. Teach women who love the Lord to really pour that out and not to judge. 
Brenda: Meet them where they are. Sometimes our expectations are so high. Loving them and walking alongside them is difficult because it requires a lot of time and energy. Accept and love them for who they are and where they are, and allow the Holy Spirit to do the work. 
Evie: You only have to please one. I still struggle with the people pleasing thing, but that echoes in my head a lot. Accept the fact that you are who you are and minister out of who you are. That frees me up a bunch. 
Rose: I want to fix them, but I’m not someone else’s Holy Spirit. I learned this with my children. Speak truth and grace into their lives. 
Kim: A lot of times I have to think about when does God want me to speak, and when do I need to be quiet? When I get to talking too much, the girls shut me out altogether. 
Linda: . . . I was expressing to my executive pastor that I feel so helpless in these situations. I just listen to these women and pray with them. There’s no easy solution. My pastor said, “Linda, that’s exactly what God’s given you to do.” That was so freeing to me!
Paulette: You won’t please everybody, so determine what the Lord and your leadership want you to do, and do that. 
Ruthann: The thing for me is becoming a listener without an agenda. I’ve spent my life as the oldest of four telling people what to do. Even when I’m quiet, my mind is still going. I’ve had to work on training my mind to shut down. Authenticity draws women to women. Not having an agenda. 
It did my heart good to not only learn from these women, but to see how much it meant to them to connect with each other . . . to realize that they’re not alone . . . to pray together, and share their struggles and insights with each other. 
That’s what we’ll be doing more of at revive ’11. That’s why these women’s ministry leaders are so excited about attending the conference this November: 
Do you think your women’s ministry leader could use some connection/refreshing with other leaders, too? If so, would you let her know about revive ’11?  
And while you’re thinking about revive ’11, don’t forget to make plans to attend the True Woman ’12 Conference where we’ll join in Seeking Him Together! 


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