We’re in a State of Spiritual Emergency!

I’ve had huge anticipation for TW '12 and was not disappointed. Some of my takeaways from this conference have been: hope for the next generation, hope for transformation in marriages, and more than all else—hope for Revival to occur in the Church and in this nation.

On the very first night Nancy Leigh DeMoss opened the conference by sharing an illustration of a British evangelist of the 1860s, Gipsy Smith, who encouraged people to “Go home, lock yourself in your room, draw a circle around yourself, and pray fervently that God would start a revival within that chalk circle.”

Throughout the convention center white circles had been applied to the floor. Women were encouraged to step into the circle to ask God to start His work of revival in their heart first. It was thrilling to see that occurring throughout the conference.

In the closing morning session, Janet Parshall first issued an urgent State of the Union Address—the spiritual state of the Union. She poured out an overwhelming amount of disturbing statistics which portray a nation in deep moral decline. A nation once known for its belief in God, for high moral values and standards is now descending into moral decadence: abortion, biblical illiteracy, highest divorce rates in the world, illicit drug use, and pornography are all factors that indicate we are headed toward moral destruction.

In the face of this, some are asking whether we are watching the collapse of our civilization. “But,” Parshall asked, “Is the Church that much different than the world?”

Through a series of Gallup Poll statistics, she made the case that no, we are not.

Parshall powerfully stated “We are in a state of spiritual emergency! Is God trying to get our attention? If you look at your watch, the time is on Matthew 24.”

We seem to be living out the warning signs of that chapter: famine, economic disaster, earthquakes, hurricanes, wars and violence, many turning from the faith, and false prophets in the land.

She asked, “Is this a wake-up call for America?”

Parshall took us to Revelation 3 and focused on God’s message to the church of Laodicea. The world had worked its way into the church. Their hearts were lukewarm, tepid. The Church had lost its zeal.

“In this passage, God is saying to the church, ‘I want to spit you out of my mouth!’ This is the church that nauseates God. The Holy God of all creation is saying to the church: ‘You make me want to vomit!’ But the church was blind to its own needs and unwilling to see the truth.”

Parshall challenged us that perhaps this is also God’s message to the church today. She asked: “Do our hearts burn today? Have we become complacent, and we don’t even realize it? God is sending a wake-up call to the church at Laodicea. Is He sending one as well to the Church today? Is God rebuking us today?”

Parshall reminded us that if we want to see revival occur today, it will have to start in the Church. The Church needs to invite Jesus back inside and the Church must repent. Jesus’ return is imminent!

She challenged us to:
Turn (repent)

“Repentance isn’t for some of us—it is for ALL of us! If pastors preach the whole counsel of God, their message must include repentance!"

Byron Paulus and Bill Elliff then followed that message by presenting the vision for revival that has developed into the OneCry movement. It is a nationwide call for spiritual awakening

Again, we were challenged to: Turn (repent), Pray, and Unite.

The session closed by women crying out to God for revival to be experienced in marriages, families, churches, and in our nation. True Woman '12 began by inviting women to step into the white circle crying out to God to bring revival and we ended the conference in the white circle crying out for revival.

May God grant this prayer of these thousands of True Women!

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