We’d Love to Get to Know You!

Every writer faces the same challenge: knowing their reader and saying something to them that matters. Here at the True Woman blog, we work hard to make sure our posts point you to Christ and speak into your real life.

But it can be difficult to know what we should say, since we don’t sit across from you at the table every week. Most of you we won’t ever meet in person, yet all of our writers (and this blog manager) carry you on our hearts.

We want you seek God and say “yes” to Him.

We want you to believe the gospel of Jesus deep in your soul.

We want you to have grace and strength from the Holy Spirit for whatever situation you’re in.

And . . . we want our writing on the True Woman blog to encourage you in all of these areas.

To do that well, we need your help!

Our team has created a brief ten-minute survey with some questions to help us get to know you, our precious readers, even better.

When you fill out the survey (and give us your email address), you’ll be entered to win a signed, hardcover copy of Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth’s book A Place of Quiet Rest. We’ve been talking a lot about seeking God on the blog this year, and this book’s message is a great place to start—cultivating a personal devotional life with God.

To enter the giveaway (and fill out the survey), click on this link.

We’re so grateful to have you here week after week, and we look forward to hearing from you! Blessings!

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Hayley Mullins

Hayley Mullins

Hayley Mullins is a biblical counselor based in northern Indiana who finds joy in helping people find help, hope, and healing in Christ. Reading, hiking, watching soccer, collecting records, and chatting over coffee are her everyday delights. Hayley formerly served … read more …

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