Truth Is Our Cinderella’s Castle

Internet, email, Twitter, and Facebook offer us much in the way of connection and information, but we all know they have their downside. Figuring out the pros and cons of the digital age is a different post for a smarter brain than mine, but lately I’ve noticed that one side effect of social media is that I can hear everyone’s opinions loud and clear.

Sometimes it can be hard for me to figure out who is right and who is wrong. Who understands the heartbeat of God and who has an alternate agenda? Who has correct insight into Scripture and who’s confused, deceived, or just plain ill-informed?

When my head starts spinning in this way, I remember that Truth is my Cinderella’s Castle. Let me explain.

When I was fifteen, my family took a vacation to Walt Disney World. I remember Space Mountain, I remember the tea cups (because they made me queasy!), and I remember that even as a teenager I wanted to give Mickey Mouse a big bear hug. What I remember most clearly, though, is Cinderella’s Castle. Up close, the castle isn’t really that big, but you can see it from all over the park. Since every girl likes to imagine herself as a princess, I loved being in the presence of an actual fairytale castle.

I later learned that the designers of the park built the castle with an interesting goal in mind. Amusement park goers often experience something called “museum feet.” It’s a feeling of being lost or exhausted that comes from being in such a large space. But if architects include a large visual landmark such as Cinderella’s castle, park goers are less likely to become overwhelmed.

Truth works the same way. Life is big. The speed at which information is thrown our way can make us feel like we are on a roller coaster. It is easy to feel lost or overwhelmed or like you want off the ride, but when we know God’s Truth, we are anchored and protected from the feeling of “museum feet.” Truth gives us a point to come back to when we feel alone, small, afraid, or when we feel like the rope in a tug-of-war to define Truth.

How about you? Does the digital age give you “museum feet?” Do you wonder what you should believe on hotly debated issues like homosexuality, complementarianism, politics, world events, or the future of our nation?

It’s great to compare notes with others. In fact, there is a place for seeking good counsel to know how to interpret Scripture. That’s part of what the body of Christ is for (Col. 3:16). But ultimately, God’s Truth is the only thing that rises above the noise and shows us right vs. wrong, good vs. evil, solid foundation vs. sinking sand.

Proverbs 30:5 makes this bold promise, “Every word of God proves true; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.”

Every word of God proves true! What a powerful and reassuring Truth. With so many voices telling me what and how to think, I’ve learned to look to God’s Truth as my anchor to prevent “museum feet.” I don’t have to wonder what to think or how to respond; instead, I can go to God’s Word and find answers every time.

In what ways does God’s Word work as an anchor in your life? How do you filter the messages of our culture through it as you search for Truth?

Note: Portions of this post are taken from Erin’s book, My Name Is Erin: One Girl’s Journey To Discover Truth.

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Erin Davis

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