True Hope Tuesday: 2018 Stories from the True Woman Blog

Welcome to True Hope Tuesday, where we tell real-life stories of how Christ brings true joy and redemption in the lives of women.

Today, we’re diverting from our usual format of telling just one woman’s story to bring you several. (More hope is always good, right?) Our team loves hearing from you, our blog readers, and we wanted to share some of the amazing stories of grace you’ve told us.

So here are our top five most-read True Woman blog posts from 2018—with the most hope-filled comments from you, our readers! If any of these stories sound like yours, and you need a dose of True Hope, too, be sure to click through to the link. There’s a lot of God-given wisdom and encouragement flowing out of our writers!

I've been married to my husband for fifty-three years. This morning, we had an argument after sharing our devotions. I basically said he wasn't doing enough spiritually, he wasn't meeting my needs—the way I thought things ought to be going! I am so ashamed. I've asked his forgiveness, but this article—this letter to your husband—just made me realize that I am so ungrateful for God's mercy and kindness to me.

My husband is amazing in so many ways. How dare I pull him down and disrespect him that way? We probably don't have a lot of years left . . . hopefully this article will be a close friend to me from now on . . . that I will be grateful instead of selfish and unkind. Thank you! —Sharon

Yes! I have two boys, five and two, and while I love them terribly, if I don't constantly ask for wisdom, grace, and peace from God, I don't give them the grace they deserve. Thank you for this! —Jess

This is so good! I almost want to print it out and stick it in my church's bulletins. As a twenty-six-year-old woman who has decided that it might be best if I stay single in order to care for my parents as they age (if that is indeed the Lord's will) it's incredibly frustrating to see people around me act like marriage should be the sole aim of every single girl. People older than me have gone so far as to say that girls should go to college in order to find someone. People younger than me seem to believe that marriage and multiple babies are the only way to be happy.

I have struggled with thinking that I'll never be anyone's priority. But I've also realized that that shouldn't be my goal anyway. I like to go back to the Westminster Shorter Catechism for a reminder. What is the chief end of man (and woman)? To glorify God and enjoy him forever. Can I do that while single? By God's grace I can. —Ellen

December 31, 2016, my husband and I, now known as Marmee and Grandaddy, began our grandparent journey with our first grandchild. Since that day, three more grandbabies have already been added to the brood. Thank you for reminding me that not only do I have an opportunity to show MY love to these treasures, but I also have a wonderful opportunity to share my love for Jesus with them . . . with deliberateness. —Tiffany

This was very helpful to me. I'm currently greatly struggling with health issues that sometimes inhibit me from seemingly doing anything at all, and I often fall into the line of thought “all or nothing.” I will try making the four words you spoke about here my motto for the next couple days. — Nicole

These are just a few of the lives that God has graciously used the True Woman blog to reach. (If you follow the comments on our sister blogs, Leader Connection and Lies Young Women Believe, they’ve got similar stories to tell, too!)

Through the Internet, the Lord is using these blogs to reach thousands of women every day. (Isn’t it a beautifully crazy, connected world we live in?)

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