Transformed: Relationship and Discipline

If you’re just joining us, Nancy’s sharing some helpful principles she’s discovered in life about how spiritual change takes place. (You can read her first two principles here.)

3. Spiritual change flows out of an intimate relationship with Jesus. The more we love Him, the greater will be our motivation to obey Him and to make the choices that please Him. 

The ultimate issue in life is who or what we worship. The process of true change takes place as we are weaned from our love and worship of self, pleasure, and this world, and our hearts become wholly devoted to Christ.

4. Spiritual change requires discipline. 
I can remember sitting in tiny, windowless practice rooms for hours on end as a college student, playing the same piece of music over and over again. I knew I would never reach my goal—to make beautiful music—without that rigorous discipline.

Discipline for the purpose of godliness is not the same as self-effort. Rather, it means consciously cooperating with the Holy Spirit—yielding to Him so He can conform us to the image of Christ.

The problem is, we want the outcome without the process. We want victory without the warfare.

It is futile to pray and hope for spiritual change, while sitting glued to a television set or neglecting the means God has provided for our growth in grace. Bible study, meditation, worship, prayer, fasting, accountability, and obedience are disciplines that produce a harvest of righteousness in our lives.

Who or what are you worshiping today? Also, what area of your spiritual life could use some discipline? Why not call a friend and ask them for a little accountability? Then, check back tomorrow for Nancy’s final two principles.

Adapted from Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ article in the May 2001 issue of Decision Magazine.

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