The God Factor

Imagine life without the God factor.

Adam and Eve would have divorced.

Abraham and Sarah would have separated. Jacob would simply be a bratty little brother jealous of Esau.

Moses may have been Pharoah. Israel would have been Egypt. David would have been mangled.

John the Baptist would have been a kook. Jesus would have been a liar. The disciples would have been scattered.  And the Apostle Paul would have been a hero-worshiped murderer.

The cross would have been an undeserved tragedy. The resurrection someone’s bad dream after a late night dinner.

And I would be . . .

What would my life be like without the God factor? Sundays would be freer. My wallet would be a little thicker. Sex would be existent. This blog would be about the flu . . . again. And life after death would be a mystery.

But Israel is not in Egypt. And Jesus’ body was unable to be guarded by the Roman guards. And Paul the apostle ended up having meals with Peter instead of killing him off. And the disciples . . . those eleven meager men who scampered from the cross would turn into world changers.

And Sundays are days of worship while millions of Christians in the world gladly give up well-earned funds for the sake of the gospel, and lives are lived unrealistically pure for one reason and one reason alone.

The God Factor.

The God factor turned water into wine and split the red sea in two. The God factor gave sight to the blind and scaled the walls of Jericho. The God factor rid men of demons and struck Goliath with a stone. The God factor raised a widow’s son and made a shepherd boy a King. The God factor turned an illegitimate son of blood into the wisest King in the world.

The God factor raised Jesus from the Dead.

I am alive because of the God Factor. I blog because of the God Factor. I have hope because of the God Factor. And I am changed because of the God Factor.
Without the God Factor my schedule would overwhelm me, words would escape me, criticism would destroy me, and life would overtake me. I owe my life to the God Factor.

How has the God Factor changed your life?

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Lina Abujamra

Lina Abujamra

Lina AbuJamra was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and now calls Chicago home. She is a Pediatric ER doctor and the founder of Living With Power Ministries. As an author, podcaster, and conference speaker, her vision is to bring hope to … read more …

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