The following post is written by Dawn Wilson, a researcher and writer for Revive Our Hearts. You can read more by her on her blog "Heart Choices Today."

One of the phrases in the True Woman Manifesto is, “We realize that we live in a culture that does not recognize God's right to rule . . .” Initially, as I read through and signed the manifesto, I thought, “No problem with that one. I believe God has the right to rule in my life. I don’t insist on my own way. I’m willing to say, ‘Yes, Lord.’” The word that I thought let me off the hook was “insist.” I didn’t insist on my own way—an attitude which would be deadly to my spiritual health.

God showed me that another attitude was just as deadly. When I am not proactive about my relationship with God, I “drift” into my own way. A canoe that is not tethered to a pier drifts out into deep waters where it can be capsized by high waves. Perhaps it drifts back toward shore, but its hull is gouged on the rocks.

I drift when I’m content to live independent of God. When I am not tethered to Him in intimate prayer, seeking Him every day in the Word of God, the waves of life can take me places I don’t want to be, into depression and hopelessness. The rocks of life—tough circumstances—can cause me to fall apart, or cut deeply into my effectiveness for God.

Last weekend, I was too busy to tether my life. My expectations were not in God (Psalm 62:5), but in my own abilities. Instead of waiting for Him to show me what to do in a confusing situation, I rushed on ahead. My confidence and hope were not in the Lord (Psalm 71:5; Jeremiah 17:7-8), but in my own skills and strength. When I failed big time, I sank into deep depression—a fog fueled by Satan’s lies. I lost all joy. The only way back was to cry out to God and admit my desperate need—not only for what He can do, but for who He is. He is the Creator; I am His created child. After I confessed my sins of pride and arrogant self-sufficiency, I spent time meditating in the scriptures and worshipping my God.

I keep forgetting that God gave us talents and abilities, and He wants us to use them well; but He doesn’t mean for us to become sufficient in ourselves. We were created by God to rely on Him not only for the things we need and the choices we make, but the very breaths we take. So, while I recognize God’s right to rule, I don’t always allow Him to rule. I’ve got to remember why that’s important, and not forget to tether my life.

What causes you to drift into your own way? When do you tend to become independent from God?

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Dawn Wilson

Dawn Wilson

Dawn Wilson has served in revival ministry and missions for more than 50 years. Dawn assists Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth with research and works with various departments at Revive Our Hearts. She is the founder and director of Heart Choices Today, … read more …

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