Spend the Season Tuned to Wonder

If the Revive Our Hearts blog is a place, an online living room of sorts, then today we are setting up a metaphorical Christmas tree and turning on the fireplace. We’re stringing twinkling lights across the ceiling and looking for our favorite candles in preparation for you to come spend the Christmas season here with us. 

Every holiday gathering needs a good playlist, and Christmas carols fit the occasion . . . but the songs we’re choosing will be more than just background noise. 

Think about some of your favorite classic Christmas songs. Have you ever stopped to consider the lyrics? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth says the best carols accomplish two things:

They speak to us of (1) who Jesus is and (2) why He came.

In other words, the carols were not created just to give us something bouncy or pretty to play in the background. Their writers deliberately wanted to give biblical shape to our worship, to press the realities of the gospel into our musical memory.1

That’s our goal for the blog this month: to give biblical shape to your worship and press the realities of the gospel into every corner of your life. We want to help tether your heart to Christ the whole Christmas season.

To do so, we’ll be sharing posts inspired by Nancy’s 30-day devotional Born a Child and Yet a King. (You can order your copy here!) Revive Our Hearts is also hosting an Advent Book Club on Facebook, where you can discuss each day’s reading within a community of like-minded women. Here on the blog, we’ll be adding to the conversation by publishing posts inspired by the book’s seven themes: 

  • the desperation of our need 
  • our desire for His appearing
  • the depth of His devotion to us, resulting in . . .
  • our deliverance from fear 
  • the heavenly declaration of this deliverance 
  • the delight of His worshipers upon hearing this good news2

Our team of writers will be addressing how these themes apply to the everyday circumstances you face—not just this month, but all year long. Bookmark ReviveOurHearts.com/Blog to return throughout each week and take your reading a step further.

A Heart Tuned to Wonder

In her introduction to the book, Nancy asks, “Would you like to have a heart that is tuned, alert, and responsive to the wonder of God’s amazing love and the gift of His Son, ready for everything He wants to make known to you and to express through you during this Christmas season?”3

We sure do, and we have a feeling that’s your desire as well. So grab your devotional book, your Bible, and the coziest blanket you own. We’ll meet you back here on Monday to begin this new series focusing on our Savior, the One who was born a child and reigns forever as King. 

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Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, Born a Child and yet a King, 10–11.

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