Singleness and the Gospel, Anxious Minds, and Even More

Give Your Anxious Mind a Rest

“Half a lifetime ago,” Adrien Segal writes, “I was an anxious 30-year-old wife and mother.” In this post, Adrien reflects on her Christian life and shares the truths she wishes she would have understood better at a younger age. If you’re wondering how to find confidence, peace, and joy in Jesus in the midst of the daily challenges and stresses you are currently facing, read this post.

The Happy Hour: Interview with Jackie Hill Perry

If you enjoyed listening to the recent podcast series "The Beauty of a Transformed Life with Jackie Hill Perry" at the beginning of this month, you’ll love this interview that Jackie did with Jamie Ivey on The Happy Hour podcast. Jackie and Jamie discuss difficult topics like homosexuality, racial diversity, and the power of indifference, and they do so with such grace and wisdom, you’ll want to take notes. Listen to this episode.

Jesus Left Things Unfixed

The last few weeks have brought some difficult Lyme Disease symptoms in my life, so when I read this post by Christine Hoover, I was both comforted and challenged by her words. She writes, “Dear heart, Jesus didn't say He'd save you from affliction. Instead, He asked you to go all in on a promise of unexpected beauty sprouting up through that very affliction. He asks you to shift your eyes from tangible pain to an invisible hope.” Read this post.

Singleness Shows Us the Gospel Too

“For 34 years,” Lore Ferguson Wilbert writes, “I believed that since marriage was a picture of the gospel, there must be some mysterious element of the gospel I would never understand unless I was married.” But looking back on her single years, Lore says, “I understood a more intrinsic truth of the gospel in my singleness than in my marriage: We are all still waiting, regardless of our marital status, for the return of our Groom, for the marriage feast and for an eternal life together.” Read this post.

The FAQs: What You Should Know About the Alfie Evans Controversy

You may recognize the name Alfie Evans, a critically ill infant in England whose “situation has raised questions around the world about whether the state has the absolute authority to block parental rights in determining the care of a child.” Ultimately, as Joe Carter summarizes in his post, “the concern stems from the state having the power to decide to allow a child to die against the wishes of the parents.” Here’s what you should know about the Alfie Evans Controversy, and for more information from a Christian worldview, listen to Albert Mohler’s commentary in this episode of The Briefing.

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