Serious About Change

You recently took a big step of faith in the right direction. Maybe it was at church. Maybe it was at Revive '13 this past weekend. The location doesn't matter. What you did does.

I don't care what decision you've made, it's pretty useless without follow-through.


You took the dare to change. You made a specific decision. You were sure about it. You were excited about it. You were serious about it.

Then you left the crowd and went home to a house that felt big, quiet, and empty. And suddenly you're not so sure.

Any golfer can tell you the secret to a great swing is in the follow-through. It's the same in tennis. And it's the same in life.

I don't care what decision you've made, it's pretty useless without follow-through. I believe there are four main reasons why Christians don't follow through on the decisions they make:


1. You tell yourself it wasn't such a big deal. It seemed like a big deal in the moment. It seemed like the biggest decision you'd ever made. But suddenly, surrounded by your old knick-knacks, you find yourself minimizing the magnitude of the decision. I know. I've been there. But it is a big deal. It's your life we're talking about, and it's the difference between victory and defeat. This lie is loud. Don't listen to it.

2. You tell yourself you were just being emotional. You know how big events can be—especially women's events. They're filled with tears, hugs, and estrogen. But once in the coolness of your home, you tell yourself you were just being emotional. You didn't really mean it. No person in their right mind would do anything so dramatic. I know. I've been there. But it is emotional, and it is a big deal. Otherwise it wouldn't be so hard to follow through. Don't listen to this lie either.

3. You tell yourself you'll do it tomorrow. Everybody loves tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes. The longer you wait for tomorrow the deeper today's pit becomes. Change starts now. Stop putting it off. Turn the computer off. Do the thing you said you'd do. I'd love to hear about it.

4. You tell no one about it. By far and above the biggest reason Christians don't change is they don't tell anyone about the decisions they've made. Listen to me: if you recently took a step of faith in any area of your life, scroll down to the comments section and tell us about it! Then get on the phone and tell your friends. Update your Facebook status. And most importantly, sit your closest family members down and 'fess up. Accountability is the greatest driver for change.

Look, I'm serious about change in my life. I'm willing to follow through no matter how hard. Aren't you?

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Lina Abujamra

Lina Abujamra

Lina AbuJamra was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and now calls Chicago home. She is a Pediatric ER doctor and the founder of Living With Power Ministries. As an author, podcaster, and conference speaker, her vision is to bring hope to … read more …

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