Prayer Requests for July 14-20


July 14    Revive Our Hearts earnestly desires to see a worldwide movement of God’s Spirit that transforms women’s minds and hearts through the power of Christ, enabling them to discern cultural lies and live God’s truth in ways that confront and redeem the culture. Pray that True Woman ’08 will be a great means to this end.

July 15    Cover Nancy in prayer today, asking God to comfort her deeply in areas where pain and sorrow have left their imprint, so that she will be able to comfort women at the conference through her life’s experience and words (2 Cor. 1:4).

July 16    There are women who would like to come to the conference but are financially unable to attend. Pray that God would provide in extraordinary ways for those who really need to come.

July 17    Caris Boardman, the Renaissance Hotel Event Manager, is involved in every aspect of hosting the conference in Schaumburg, and she is working closely with Revive Our Hearts staff. Pray for communication to be clear, details to be covered, and Christ to be made known through us.

July 18    Dannah Gresh, co-author with Nancy of the book Lies Young Women Believe, will be leading a special track for teens during the conference. Pray that God would guide her preparation and presenting in such a way that young women will be deeply impressed to follow Jesus, whatever the cost.

July 19    In the spirit of Romans 15:30, stand together in prayer with keynote speakers Mary Kassian and Janet Parshall. Entreat God to equip them for the awesome privilege and responsibility of ministering His powerful words of life to the thousands of True Woman ’08 participants.

July 20    Ron Johnson is the Project Manager for this conference, serving alongside Revive Our Hearts staff Mike Neises and Monica Vaught. Please pray for God’s grace, energy, and enablement for this team as they plan, prepare, and give direction to others, in addition to their primary vocations.

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