Practice Christ-Like Giving: Surviving—And Thriving—In An Economic Crisis

Nancy’s ninth principle in “Hope for Uncertain Times: Surviving—And Thriving—In An Economic Crisis” is:

Practice Christ-like giving.

The natural tendency in times of financial uncertainty is to hold on to what we have and give less. But what an opportunity to demonstrate the greatness and power of God in our giving! Ask God how you can exercise faith and reflect His generous heart in your giving at this time. (2 Cor. 8:1-4; 9:8)

In light of this, I’ve been evaluating my own giving history. I’ve found that I agonize over whether or not it’s God’s will for me to give to this particular person or that particular organization, and in the end, I give nothing at all.

Nancy just wrote something in a letter about the Revive Our Hearts Matching Challenge that really spoke to me. She said, “God doesn’t care so much who you give to, but that you do give.”

So, I pose Nancy’s question to you: Does your giving reflect the generous, giving heart of Christ? How might God want you to grow in the grace of giving during this season?


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Paula Marsteller

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