Peeking into Lives All Month Long

If you've ever taken a walk after the sun has set, you know the dark sky and brightly-lit rooms allow you to peek into lives you might never meet otherwise.

This next month on the blog, you can skip the walk. We'll be opening curtains and flipping on lights so you can see into homes and lives of those you've never met. Lives of women and families who by the Spirit's gracious work have been impacted by the ministry of True Woman and Revive Our Hearts.

Watch their videos this month right here, and help flip on lights in more dark homes across the world this next year by helping meet this year's financial needs so we can continue pointing women to Christ for another year.

For today, we've selected two stories, so you can choose your own adventure. Watch the encouraging story of Beth and Andy who weren't sure if there was any hope left for their marriage. Or watch the inspiring story of Chloe, a teen who was gripped by the message of biblical womanhood as a young girl and is now discipling other girls. Or if you're like me, you'll want to watch both videos.

Beth and Andy's Story

Andy wasn't sure if there was any hope left for their marriage. That is, until Beth heard Revive Our Hearts on the radio and a journey of repentance and freedom began.

Freedom: Beth and Andy's Story

Chloe's Story

"Mom, I love this so much! Can we sit on the front row tomorrow?" ten-year-old Chloe asked her mom at her first Revive Our Hearts conference. Seven years later, high school junior Chloe is now passing the message of biblical womanhood that has so gripped her own heart on to younger girls. Watch as her parents share her inspiring story.

Fruitfulness: Chloe's Story

Thank you for doing life with us here on the blog and for being open to playing an even more intentional role in helping get other women to Jesus. I'm grateful for you. We're all grateful for you. I hope you enjoyed peeking into Beth and Andy and Chloe's lives today.

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