On a Treasure Hunt

Moses desired to see God’s glory so much that he positioned himself before God’s tabernacle in order to meet with Him. God rewarded Moses’ heart of diligent seeking and active obedience with some pretty intense and awesome moments. Just think of what Moses would’ve missed out on if he’d procrastinated or thought the climb would be too tough!

Just this week, we heard from one of our readers who recently won a copy of The Incomparable Christ right here on the True Woman Blog. She wrote to let us know how the first seven chapters had impacted her:

“Wow . . . That's all I can say. I started this book with a desire to know Jesus in a more real, personal, and loving way and I feel this strange warmth in my heart and a drawing to Him. I've been struggling with a lot of things lately . . . it just seems like every day is a struggle to even get out of bed.

“I have a very strong feeling that I've been focusing on the wrong things in my life and I need desperately to ‘see’ Him. Not with physical eyes, but with my heart, and to come to know Him as real—more real to me than anyone or anything else.

“I've wandered my whole life in doubt and fear (even while in church and surrounded by ‘spiritual’ things). I finally feel like I've come full-circle and have found the treasure that I've been searching for all my life. It's Jesus. He's that treasure . . . that pearl of great price. I'm buying the field—the pearl of great price is buried in that field—and I'm buying it.”

Are you also seeking that pearl of great price? If so, here’s a practical way to continue your treasure hunt. This month, Revive Our Hearts’ Scripture Memory Plan covers one of the most profound subjects in Scripture: God becoming man. John 1 is rich with truths about who Jesus is! As you meditate on and memorize these holy mysteries, you will see Jesus as eternal God pulling on skin like ours in order to drink deeply of death so that we might have life.

This month, we invite you to “see God” by meditating on and memorizing portions of John 1, and also by studying along with Nancy through The Incomparable Christ, beginning March 9. This is one mind-blowing experience you won’t want to miss out on!

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Kimberly Wagner

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