Marriage in Fairytale-ville

Cinderella, Snow White, and The Little Mermaid all lived happily ever after . . . once they married. But that was Fairytale-ville. 

Here in The Real World, singles often dream of marriage with stars in their eyes, but married women remember their single days with longing. It wasn’t long after they rode off into the sunset that they realized that this marriage wouldn’t bring eternal bliss.

Whether it’s the fault of the forgetful fairy godmother or her malfunctioning magic wand—beautiful marriages don’t just happen. Your prince is a sinner (as is the princess he married). That’s why, during the month of August, we want to focus on:

Honor[ing] the sacredness, purity, and permanence of the marriage covenant—whether ours or others (commitment #10 of the True Woman Manifesto).

Married or not, I really hope you’ll engage in the conversation this month.

To the single: Please stick with us! I’ll be writing from the single’s perspective all month long.  Also, I think you’ll benefit from what others are saying about marriage—if not to equip yourself for the future, then to equip you to encourage and pray for your married friends.

To the happily married: I’m so glad you have a good marriage. Even so, there’s always room for improvement, and we want to help keep you from “coasting.” Stay with us this month for practical tools that will bless your marriage even more. 

To the unhappily married: There is hope for your marriage. If you are among those who believe God raised Jesus from the dead, then you know that He specializes in bringing dead things to life. Would you take a second right now and join me in asking God to give you hope and help this month through this blog? Please don’t give up!

Which of the three categories do you fall into? Leave a quick comment and let us know—we’re curious.

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Paula Marsteller

Paula Marsteller

Paula Marsteller is a gifted communicator with a tenacious commitment to Scripture coupled with a compassionate, loving voice. God has captured Paula’s heart, and she is passionate about sharing life-changing, gospel truths through the lens of her everyday, ordinary life … read more …

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