Made to Radiate Beauty (True Woman 201, part 10)

I'm really good at that focused, eyes-squinted, critical stare into the bathroom mirror. The one where I'm displeased with how my hair seems to have fallen flat again and the way my face lacks that desired glow. Maybe a bobby pin here, and a few brushes of makeup powder there . . . nope. I'm still squinting. Still wishing I were meeting my standard of beauty.

Real, true, long-lasting, glowing beauty is found in Jesus Christ and His gospel.

I don't think I'm the only woman who has an intense mirror stare. Because I know, as women, we want to be beautiful—that desire is woven into the fibers of our being.

And it's a God-given thing. We're meant to be beauty seekers.

But, beauty-seeking isn't all makeup and hair spray and mirror-staring. Real, true, long-lasting, glowing beauty is found in Jesus Christ and His gospel.

And like Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Mary Kassian explain in Chapter 10 of True Woman 201, we get to radiate the beauty of the gospel.

Here's the catch: Radiating the beauty of the gospel doesn't happen by means of my looks, my efforts, or all the makeup in all the world. It's Christ.

I love how Nancy and Mary describe it: The way we do life as a woman adorns the gospel of Jesus Christ, making it beautiful and attractive to others.

What would happen if we, as true women, stopped squinting into our bathroom mirrors, and started washing our hearts and minds with God's mirror, the Word?

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Samantha Keller

Samantha Keller

Samantha Keller loves lazy lake days, strong coffee, and writing about the ways Jesus transforms our everyday messes into beautiful stories. She digs the four seasons in northern Indiana, is probably wearing a Notre Dame crew neck.

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