LIVE From Indy: Thankful For . . .

I don’t know if any of you are still awake to even read this, but I suppose it will always be waiting for you in the morning as you sip your coffee. (Do you drink coffee?)

It’s past midnight, so rather than trying to write a couple of coherent summaries of Pastor Crawford Loritts and Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ (really incredible!) talks, I think I’ll write you like I would a friend.

I think I’ll tell you what I’m thankful for. Yep, that’s what I’ll do.

I’m thankful for my roommate, who brought fresh Michigan Honey Crisp apples for us to snack on in our hotel room as we wind down after a long exciting day of welcoming almost 6,100 women to the convention center. I’m thankful that when we’re finished with our apples, we’ll popcorn pray ourselves to sleep.

I’m thankful for all the men who are praying—agonizing—for each attendee’s prayer request that was submitted tonight. (Did you know that we have an incredible team of men covering this women’s conference in prayer?!)

I’m thankful for you—right there behind your computer—praying for us here in Indianapolis.

I’m thankful that God answered our prayers for safety for the attendees as they traveled. My friend Pat’s little Mazda had an unfortunate run-in with an Escalade (a nice way of saying it was totaled), but she wasn’t harmed, which is the truly important part.  

I’m thankful for friends like Erin Davis, who asked me to take silly photos for the Lies Young Women Believe Blog just as I was really stressing because of Internet issues that were making my job difficult. (By the way, you can look at pictures from today on

I’m thankful for the woman I met in the hall today who came with her 14-year-old daughter. This girl is at the crossroads right now—deciding whether Jesus will be her parents’ God or her God.

I’m thankful that this teen will get to spend a big chunk of tomorrow with cool women who love God and love teens with all their hearts--Dannah Gresh and Erin Davis.

I’m thankful that my mom, sister, two aunts, and cousin all came to the conference, and that they got to meet Nancy Leigh DeMoss tonight.

I’m thankful that Nancy talks to woman after woman after woman after woman (after she’s just poured herself out teaching), and that she really listens and cares and counsels—putting their needs above her own. I’m thankful that she did that for my aunt.

I’m thankful for God’s grace and strength that enables and motivates her to do this.

And I’m thankful (and amazed!) that you’re still reading this. Now it’s your turn.

What are you thankful for today?

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