Laura on "Voices": I Can Be Useful to Him?!

In celebration of Nancy's Voices of the True Woman Movement book release, we asked a few staff members and friends of the ministry to share their reflections on different chapters of the book. This is part 4 of a nine-part series. Enjoy!
Laura Gonzalez de Chavez traveled to the first True Woman Conference all the way from the Dominican Republic. The following is her take on chapter 4 of Nancy's newest release, Voices of the True Woman Movement . .

“You have been given a role to play, and no one else can fill it.”

These words resounded in my ears as I made the trip back home from the first True Woman Conference. Nancy’s message, “For Such a Time As This” (also found in chapter 4 of Voices of the True Woman Movement) pierced my heart like an arrow. It was an awesome thought that the omnipotent God would consider using weak vessels to carry out His Kingdom purposes on earth. That I could be useful to God in my circle of influence was beyond my comprehension. God used Nancy’s message to inspire me to say “Yes, Lord” and rise up to the challenge of joining forces in this counter-cultural mission. All I wanted was to inject in women’s hearts and minds these same truths that had been revealed to me.

As Nancy said,

. . . only God knows, and only time will tell—or eternity perhaps—why God has sovereignly put you where you are right now at this moment in history. You have been given a role to play, and no one else can fill it.

A multitude of questions started invading my mind. But, what did God want me to do? How could I use my life in the Dominican Republic to be a part of this Movement? What was my role in all of this? I felt very small and insignificant, and the task ahead too big for me. How could I be of influence?

Through Nancy’s words, God showed me that my convictions were not only for my own benefit, or for my immediate family, but that He was calling me to intentionally seek opportunities beyond this sphere to further His Kingdom. Until that moment I had no idea of the magnitude of the call and the scope of the possibilities.

Through prayer, I felt God leading me to look not at the task ahead but to be available for Him, trust in Him, and faithfully walk in the way of duty. In His faithfulness, God set before me the path that He wanted me to walk during the months ahead; by His grace helping me focus my attention on Him and others instead of dwelling on myself and my perceived needs and wants. His plans started unfolding before my eyes. I’m still amazed at His faithfulness and timing as all this happened during the time my daughter married and our nest became empty!

We did not have a very structured women’s ministry at church so I decided I would just start with step one and obey God in what was already clearly revealed in His Word in Titus 2:2-5.

God began opening my eyes to wrong attitudes and choices of women which were very ingrained in our local culture and needed to be confronted with Truth. I deeply felt the need of encouraging and motivating women to grow in discernment, and to know where they stood theologically so they could then be enabled to make the necessary changes in their homes and marriages.

Solely in dependence on Him and relying on His power, God has given me the grace to remain faithful one day at a time. He has been revealing more of His plans and widened the scope of the vision. I hope and pray these truths will slowly seep into the minds and hearts of the Dominican women, that they will take root, and result in His Glory. I pray that God will bring a time of reformation and revival as women start making changes in their choices and embrace their God-given roles.

It is reassuring to my fears and inadequacies to know that God is not calling powerful or mighty women. “For such a time as this” God is calling women who love Jesus Christ, who want to be used to further His kingdom on earth, who are willing to believe Him, who rely on His strength, who live selflessly, who are heavenly-minded and who simply say “Yes, Lord; for the glory and honor of Your Name.”

Will you—through His power—be that kind of woman in your generation, and be counted among His faithful remnant?

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