Kim's Marriage Miracle

I have a special treat for you today!

If you’ve been to a True Woman Conference, you know that throughout the weekend we show several videos of transformed, “true” women. One of those women is Kim Wagner, one of the bloggers here on

While there’s nothing like seeing these videos on the big screen at the conference surrounded by thousands of other women, I trust God will use Kim's story—wherever you are today—to give you hope that He is a God with whom NOTHING is impossible.
I know it may be hard for you to believe, but Kim was not always as sweet as she is today! She is a trophy of God’s grace. But then, so are most of us . . .

As you’ll see on the video, Kim’s marriage began so idyllically, yet quickly degenerated to the point that her once-confident pastor husband was extremely depressed and experienced a faith crisis. While Kim was in the Word on a daily basis, she—self-admittedly—was a shrew at home.

Today, be in awe of our God as you watch Kim and Leroy share their story of how God convicted Kim’s heart and completely restored their marriage.

Then, let us know how it spoke to you.

(And, let me just take the opportunity to thank you for “sharing life” with us here on the blog. We love you!)

PS: You also won't want to miss Leroy and Kim talk with Nancy about their story this week on Revive Our Hearts Radio! 

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