How the Truth Sets Us Free

2017 has been quite the year . . . but you don’t need us to tell you that! As you put away the Christmas tree, return the last of your well-meant gifts, try to forget the news headlines, and look toward making your resolution list, will you take a moment to pause—and thank God?

This year may have been hard, but the Lord has been faithful to get all of us through. His mercies have been new every morning, He has given us all we need for life and godliness, and the message of Christ’s redemption and victory for His children is as true today as it was 2,000 years ago.

We all need a reminder of the truth today.

That’s why Leslie Bennett (manager of our sister blog, Leader Connection) and I (Hayley Mullins, your friendly, neighborhood True Woman blog manager) have put together this post. We’ve gathered up the most-read posts of 2017 from both blogs . . . so you can be reminded of God’s truth—embodied in Jesus Christ and breathed out in Scripture. This truth can truly set you free.

The Truth Sets Us Free From . . .


No matter how hard kids work to keep clean on the surface, as they see their sin, they will think God can’t possibly love them. We twist the gospel when we imply that God’s favor depends on their behavior. Life changes are real when they come from the heart. —Barbara Reaoch


A mother’s love will tear down walls the enemy wants to erect and will keep the way open for healing. Her child desperately needs her presence in his life even if he loudly proclaims that he does not. Help her to keep her arms open wide for her prodigal’s return, whenever that might be. —Kathy Davis

Cultural Expectations

A movement seized the American stage to decry injustices against women and to offer a response. The fact is someone had to say something. And the fastest and loudest voice to the stage was the Women’s March movement. But it doesn’t have to be, and cannot be, the only voice. —Dannah Gresh

The Need to Control

Unity happens when people who are very, very different—in perspectives, passions, gifts, and callings—become single-minded. Unity is not the result of one person taking control. That’s uniformity! Unity is the result of everyone giving up a measure of control. As leaders, we should go first. —Shannon Popkin


God’s timing is perfect, and He has used panic attacks as cords of kindness to draw me to Him and make me love Him as I never could have imagined. God is bringing much beauty out of my ashes, and if some of that beauty can spill over onto you, this sixteen-year journey would be well worth it. —Colleen Chao


Women’s events that are worth our time commit to a clear mission that strengthens the Church, develops disciples, and glorifies Christ. Candles and petit fours alone—while a nice touch—won’t cut it. . . . We women need opportunities to . . . connect our hearts with those who are pursuing the same narrow path. —Leslie Bennett


Without a consistent dose of the Word, a stressful situation can feel confusing and overwhelming. . . . But when I have a steady dose of truth in my life, I can quickly perceive my circumstances and my heart's responses. Like putting on glasses, it brings clarity. —Kelly Needham


I know what it is to feel shame over my own body, assuming that if I were skinnier or prettier, then he would not be tempted to look elsewhere. As I have dealt with this battle in my own life . . . the Lord has helped me gain a few key insights that may be helpful for you. —Anonymous


Oh, I know it’s easy to think our intentions are good. . . . But maybe we should distrust our intentions a bit more than we do. . . . Love can often attach itself with the sinful desire to know other people’s stuff, to be “in the know,” or to feel puffed up that our lives aren’t so messy. —Paula Marsteller


The true test of leadership is settled in the prayer closet. A great leader is great in prayer. A weak leader is weak in prayer. . . . God intended leadership and intercessory prayer to be inseparably intertwined. To accept the heavenly appointment as a leader is to commit to the rigors of fervent prayer. —Leslie Bennett

Helping you discover this kind of true freedom is what Revive Our Hearts is all about. If you’ve been liberated by the truth in one of these blogs today, would you consider giving toward our year-end need? Every dollar you give will be doubled and will help even more women know the truth—and be set free.

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