He's Perfect

My beloved is dazzling and ruddy, outstanding among ten thousand.
—Song of Solomon 5:10

The fifth chapter of the Song of Solomon opens with the bridegroom knocking at the chamber door of his bride. He wants to be with her, to spend time with her. But she’s tired and ready for bed. She just doesn’t feel like it. Yet after making her excuses, she finally gives in to his persistence and gets up to open the door—only to find him gone! Distressed, she runs out into the city, asking people, “Have you seen him? Do you know where he is?”

Verse 9 describes the young women of the town responding to her, in effect, “What’s so special about this man that you miss him so much? Certainly there are others like Him—or even better. Can’t he be replaced?” In pondering their question, she starts reminding herself (reminding them as well) what makes her beloved so special. No, he is unique—there is no one else like him. He is “chief among ten thousand.”

In this exchange, emanating from this portrait of human love and marriage, I believe we see a glimpse of our heavenly Bridegroom, the Lord Jesus. He is not only our Savior; He is our priceless treasure. He is not just good enough; He is lovely; He is perfect. Nothing and no one on earth is more desirable than He.

Only when we realize what we have in Jesus will we stop spending our lives in pursuit of things and people that can never fully satisfy. To realize that perfection is found only in Him is to come to the end of our striving, to stop trying to manufacture perfection in ourselves or using others to create a more perfect life for us. Perfection is already here. His name is Jesus. “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” (Song 6:3).

Have you been disappointed lately in others or in yourself? Express to the Lord what it is about Him that stands out above all others; affirm that there is no one else like Him and that no one can meet and satisfy your soul’s deepest longings apart from Him.

Excerpted from Nancy’s devotional, The Quiet Place: Daily Devotional Readings

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