He-Turned-She Beauty Pageant Contestant Paves Way for Discrimination Against Women

Last month, a 6’1” man named “Jenna” made history when he competed in the Miss Universe Canada pageant.

Jenna, who was born “Walter,” has been surgically/hormonally “re-gendered” to look like a woman. He was originally banned from the beauty competition because he didn’t meet the “born female” requirement. But famous feminist lawyer and women’s rights advocate, Gloria Allred, quickly took up his cause. Allred argued that the rule that a contestant has to be a “naturally born female” to compete against females was “blatantly discriminatory.” And pageant owner, Donald Trump, agreed.

Whoa. So now feminists believe that you don’t have to be a naturally born female to compete against females? Think about the implications of that for a moment. It doesn’t bode well for women in sports, does it?

Because if you consistently apply Allred’s reasoning, a Walter-turned-Jenna ought to be allowed to compete against females in other venues too. It’s the next logical step.

Take the Olympics, for example. What if 6’1” Walter-turned-Jennas were allowed to race against our “naturally born female” daughters in the women’s 100 meter sprint? Jump quads against them in women’s figure skating? And take them to the mat in women’s wrestling?

I’m a tall woman, just shy of 6’. But a Walter-turned-Jenna has 50% greater total muscle mass than me. Even at the same height and weight, I would only be 80% as strong. He has a larger heart and larger lungs, and greater amounts of red blood cells flowing through his veins. If a Walter-turned-Jenna jogged at 50% of his capacity, I would need to work at over 70% of my capacity to keep up. His bone structure, the angle of alignment of his elbows, pelvis, and other male skeletal distinctives would also give him an advantage over me in most sports. His femaleness is a facade. No amount of gender-reassignment surgery and artificial hormones can change the maleness of his DNA. Each cell in his body remains distinctly male.

If a natural born woman competes against a he-turned-she, the odds of winning are not in the natural born woman’s favor. So in the end, Allred’s feminist “advocacy for women” will end up favoring those who were born male and discriminating against those who were born female.

Women will lose. And the ideology that purports to better the lives of women ends up harming women. It’s the ultimate irony, isn’t it?

But I guess it just goes to show what happens when people ignore God, and assume the right to self-define.

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Mary Kassian

Mary Kassian

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