Grace-Filled Reminders for Wives and Mommas

Homeschool Will Not Save Them

Parents may choose to educate their kids at home for a variety of reasons, but it’s crucial to remember that homeschooling isn’t a savior. Scarlett Clay’s story is a poignant example; her homeschooled daughter went away to college and immediately adopted atheist theology. “It will be Christ that moves upon the heart of a child if they are educated at home, and it will be Christ that moves upon the heart if they are not,” Scarlett writes. “Christ is the hero of Christian homeschool, not us parents.” Read this post.


Learning, Growing, and Changing Our Minds: How the Gospel Frees Us to Do Something Different

I’m not a mom, but I can imagine the scads of choices parents face. From diapers and breastfeeding to education and nutrition, it seems like the decisions would be overwhelmingly endless. And moms feel pressure to make the right choice—and stick with it—from every angle. But Risen Motherhood hosts Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler remind moms that it’s okay to change your mind, to switch directions, and to grow. Because grace exists! Their winsome conversation is refreshing. Listen to this episode.


Marriage Lessons from Romans 12

A great conversation on FamilyLife Today: Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth discuss the ways Romans 12 practically applies to married couples. Listen to this program.


What Your Kids Need from You

J.D. Greear unpacks Psalm 127 to describe our desperation, goal, resources, and hope in parenting. If you’ve felt discouraged or lost in your efforts to raise kids who love Jesus, this simple and digestible explanation will help reorient your heart as you disciple your family. Read this post.


A Better Mom Is a Broken Mom

Have you caught yourself thinking this? If only I had more rest/quiet time/moments to refresh myself, then I would be a better mom and wife. Kristen Wetherell is a new mom, and she certainly has felt the desperation for a nap or a shower. Wouldn’t those simple things benefit everyone involved? But, Kristen writes, God is teaching her that better equals broken. Read this post.


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