Gospel-Fueled Generosity on #GivingTuesday

Survive Black Friday. Snag a couple deals from the comfort of your couch on Cyber Monday. Done and done. (Or maybe you avoid it all. Ignorance might be peaceful bliss in this case.)

We’ve seen “50% off” and “Doorbuster Deals!” emblazoned across nearly every media source for an entire weekend. But today, #GivingTuesday, isn’t like last Friday or yesterday. Instead, #GivingTuesday brings an opportunity to consider the gift of generosity while the commercial retail scene kicks into hyperdrive.

And for Christians, #GivingTuesday can mean much more than simple warm fuzzies after donating to a charity—because Jesus Christ is the source of our generosity. He is the fuel that motivates outrageously kind giving and the reason for becoming a channel of blessing to others.

Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection provides every reason to burst with overflowing generosity. The gospel is our source of every blessing, and shouldn’t our response to such extravagance be humble, awestruck worship, including unreserved giving for God’s glory?

I love the way Scott Marshall describes the faith-filled heart of generous giving:

While we should give generously, our giving always flows as a result of our relationship with God, not a way to earn it. We don’t give in order to gain God’s love, but we give because we’ve been loved. We are given grace through faith, therefore we graciously give in faith. We don’t even give in order to be given double or triple in return. We give freely with no expectations other than to see God glorified (emphasis mine).

This is generosity powered by grace, faith, and gratitude. It’s gospel-fueled. With this at the forefront of our minds, I have two things to offer you on this #GivingTuesday: a challenge and a gift.

The Challenge: Give to a Gospel-Centered Organization Today

We often intend to give generously during the holiday season, but it’s also easy to let those intentions slip onto the backburner while the other festivities take precedence.

So today, pray about giving to a gospel cause for God’s glory. To help you consider where to give, we’ve compiled a list of trusted organizations doing kingdom work:

Joni and Friends

Joni Eareckson Tada is a dear ministry friend of Revive Our Hearts, and Joni and Friends reaches people affected by disabilities with the gospel. Their vision is to “accelerate Christian ministry in the disability community.” Learn more about this excellent ministry and give here.

Voice of the Martyrs

Their work: Voice of the Martyrs serves the persecuted Church throughout the world by providing both spiritual and practical assistance. Learn more here.

World Vision

World Vision is a global humanitarian organization doing work in 100 locations around the world. From disaster relief to serving impoverished villages, World Vision serves to help communities in sustainable ways. There are numerous ways you can get involved with this organization, including giving toward disaster-stricken places, like Puerto Rico, or helping families in need through their Gift Catalogue.

Compassionate Hope

Compassionate Hope is an organization in Southeastern Asia—the epicenter of the world’s human trafficking epidemic—that works to rescue children and women from exploitation, as well as providing for them physically and spiritually. You can sponsor a children’s home, where at-risk children are kept safe from the threat of human trafficking. Learn more about the work this ministry does in a very dark place.

Hope International

Hope International helps families in impoverished nations begin to flourish as they provide practical training and coaching. As this organization shares the hope of the gospel, they also provide saving services and small loans with the goal of breaking the poverty cycle. Learn more about the ways Hope International practically equips families around the world.

Bible League International

This organization works to provide Bibles and other biblical resources to under-resourced locations worldwide as they also train leaders and plant churches. A $10 donation sends four Bibles to a needy place. Learn more.

International Justice Mission

The International Justice Mission works to protect impoverished people from injustice, not only by rescuing victims, but also by holding the suspects accountable through legal systems. Learn how this organization works to help save people from slavery and sex trafficking.

Sponsor a Child or Provide Orphan Care

There are several routes to take in sponsoring a child or providing care for orphans. You could start with Compassion International, Back2Back Ministries, India Gospel League, and 127 Worldwide.

Pray about how you might give to kingdom work today, and remember that generosity is God’s grace flowing out of us to others, as Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth describes in her book Choosing Gratitude:

Since God has put such a huge supply of grace into our account, it’s actually as though He is the one doing the giving through us. We give out of the abundance He has already given. (Talk about being part of something limitless—participating with God in dispersing His abundant blessings and saving grace throughout the whole world.)

A Gift from Us to You

Finally, in honor of #GivingTuesday, we want to give you a gift—a free download of Beyond the Tree: 20 Meditations to Set Your Heart and Mind on the Christ of Christmas. This twenty-day digital resource was written by our friend Erin Davis, and we hope it will help you keep your mind focused on the Christ of Christmas this season. Simply click the link to download!

Where are you giving this year? Any great organizations we missed? Be sure to share in the comments!

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Samantha Keller

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