Good News for Three Solid Days!

Hey, Friend,

How would you like to come on a trip with me? I’m headed—along with six other Revive Our Hearts’ staff—to my old stomping ground (Chicago) today through Thursday for The Gospel Coalition Conference, and I’d love to share the experience with you!

Why the Gospel Coalition Conference? Well, the Gospel is HUGE . . . to me, to Revive Our Hearts, and hopefully increasingly to you. I don’t ever want to get over it, and I think this conference will help! The theme of the conference is preaching Jesus and the Gospel from the Old Testament.
If you think of it, would you pray for me? Whether attending a conference on the Gospel or just living daily life, I find that distractions abound. These three days will be no exception, and in the process of connecting with old and new friends, responding to emails and Facebook messages, etc., my greatest need is still to understand more and more the love of Christ and to see Him in every page and story of Scripture.
I’m praying that you will see Him, too, this week—even in the distractions in your life. It sure would be a privilege to focus on Him together! If seeing Jesus and the Gospel in the Old Testament sounds like just what you need, let’s meet right here on the blog tomorrow and Thursday and enjoy Him together.
PS: I'll be sharing some of the great quotes and thoughts I'm hearing on the Revive Our Hearts Facebook page as well. Feel free to follow along there, too!

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