God Uses All Kinds of Moms

You’ve heard about the holiday blues, right? Well, I confess that I get just a twinge of it each year when Mother’s Day rolls around.
I love to honor my mom for all the love and care she’s given me—that’s the fun part! But the not-so-fun part is the whisper reminding me I’m not part of the motherhood club. On this day, feelings that rarely visit me hang like a little cloud along the edge of my celebration.
Over the years, God has been unfolding how motherhood can be part of my life. The first layer unfolded at the True Woman ’08 conference (read about that experience here). Another layer unfolded when I started developing communications for a ministry called As Our Own.
As Our Own works in India to rescue girls from treacherous situations leading to lives of exploitation and enslavement. India’s extreme poverty makes girls subject to predators looking for forced laborers, either in organized begging or the sex trade. There are 25.7 million of orphans in India, and with no one to care for them, 82 new minor girls are trafficked into the sex trade every day. 
My heart can hardly comprehend such staggering statistics—nor does it really want to. But hope is found in God’s powerful love for these girls. He is graciously using As Our Own, opening the door for them to rescue girls before they are exploited. As Our Own has the privilege of loving and caring for over 60 girls in their family-style homes where they are stepping in as the moms these girls need. 
God is enlarging my heart to love these girls as I would love my own. The more my mama-bear instincts are aroused, the more I want to rush to their aid! That’s why As Our Own launched its Thanks, Mom! campaign for Mother’s Day. By following the link and giving to Thanks, Mom! you can help As Our Own stand in the gap with motherly love for the sake of these girls.
Your gifts provide the rescued girls a home and belonging in the lifelong As Our Own family where they receive love, care, education, extracurricular opportunities, and everything else you would give your own kids.
So I’m going to honor my mom with a gift that helps girls receive all the love and care they need—just like my mom gave me. For that I am so grateful! Keeping this attitude of gratitude guards my heart from the Mother’s Day blues and focuses it on the day’s purpose: to honor moms in all their shapes and forms. 
By partnering with As Our Own to love these girls—even from afar!—I get to be an honorary member of the motherhood club.

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Erin Straza

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