Gauge Your Humility and Gratitude

My Uncle Bob DeMoss has always exemplified the beauty and power of a grateful spirit. He shared with me the following note, written recently to his five children and their spouses. I asked for his permission to share it with you, our True Woman readers, so you could benefit from his seasoned wisdom. (He's had a beautiful marriage for sixty years!)

Dear family,

The more I  consider this, the more I see the appropriateness and blessing that comes from reciting God's mercies. We all need training in growing a grateful heart, I think.

This week-long "set aside" in bed has been an opportunity to recall the many months and even years of good health, and to thank the Lord for such mercies.

I think we are all basically entitlement freaks. Here's a good test question to find out if you've made progress in humility and gratitude: Ask yourself, "Am I surprised that my spouse loves me? Do I think I am such a good 'catch' that of course my spouse should love me?"

The correct answer is, "Yes, I am surprised. In fact I'm actually amazed. I know that his/her love is a gift from God and a self-denial on the part of my spouse."

If you don't pass this test it is sobering because of what it might say if you ask the same question in reference to God's love for you! Are you amazed that God loves you, that God is patient with you, that God has had mercy on you in providing a way out of condemnation?

If you are really amazed that God loved you and provided salvation for you, how often do you break out in spontaneous praise as you realize that God Himself set His love on YOU?
What has been helpful for Dora and me is to share with each other or even write on paper the mercies of God the past day, week, month, or year. And of course, singing or listening to praise songs.

"Dear Lord, help us all to be less focused on self-love, and be willing to show true love for our spouse by self-denial on a daily basis. And Lord please forgive us for taking for granted Your example of self-denying love in paying the awful price of Jesus' death on our behalf. In Jesus' great name, Amen!"

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