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We often hear from our readers who are struggling with their marriages. Our hearts break as we read about difficult situations that only God can heal. And even strong marriages have their moments of difficulty and challenges. Whether you are feeling “done” or just discouraged, we want you to check out our latest resource to help you in your marriage: The 30-Day Husband Encouragement Challenge.

For years, Nancy and Revive Our Hearts have been inviting you to take this challenge, but in June, you have a new opportunity to take it—with fresh, never-before-seen content. You’ll hear from True Woman bloggers you already trust and some new voices you’ll come to love.

After you sign up, each day for thirty days you’ll receive an email with a challenge to encourage your husband, Scripture and a devotional to encourage you along the way, and response questions and “go deeper” activities to make the day’s thought practical.

This challenge will help you become more aware of your words and actions toward your husband, apply the Truth to your everyday challenges, and give you a starting place to make a difference in your marriage.

But don’t take this single gal’s word for it. Many women in varying marriage situations have taken this challenge before, and here’s what they have to say.

Encouraging an Unbelieving Husband

I am married to an unbeliever, and at first it was hard for me to think of things I could encourage and appreciate about him. I asked God to let me see my husband with His eyes and, oh, did He!

I thank my husband for the little things he does do. Now I am able to see the important things he does for me, which makes me admire him even more.

He knows now that he is important to me, and I really do appreciate him. Be encouraged, ladies. Even if it starts small, God can turn it to something more than you can ever imagine or think! It’s amazing what a little respect can do for a man.

Encouraging an Emotionally Troubled Husband

I wanted to let someone know that after the first two days of the challenge, I am already seeing some improvement in my husband’s and my relationship.

We had the perfect marriage—working together on common goals, being thoughtful and courteous toward each other, loving each other—for the first five years, plus two good years before we got married. Then, three years ago, my husband became angry and paranoid. I kept praying God would change him.

It’s been amazing how the perfect occasion to take your suggestion to encourage him comes up each day. My husband has been on the defensive with me for the last several years, but today as we were working together and I asked him a question, he answered as though it was a simple question. It occurred to me he was responding as though he was beginning to trust me again.

I am coming to realize how much I have been contributing to our problems. I needed someone to tell me how I need to change my behavior to be a better wife, so this could also be called the 30-Day Wife Encouragement Challenge. You have given me the training and encouragement I need to be the kind of wife my husband needs.

Encouraging an Incarcerated Husband

I recently completed this meaningful training in choosing a servant’s heart. My approach had to be creatively different compared to my fellow sisters who have their husbands in their home. I made the challenge into a mini-journal where I wrote down the day’s theme, the Scripture, and the devotional parts that were most important for our relationship.

I sent my journal notes to my husband, who is in prison, as part of his birthday gift. The joy in his voice when he thanked me for this surprise was an incredible blessing. He felt honored that I took the time to focus on encouraging him, and he received this challenge as an amazing gift.

Encouraging an Estranged Husband

I’ve been praying the prayers now for twenty-nine days, and I can tell you, restoration has begun. My husband and I have been separated for a total of eighteen years. Our children are grown now. But we serve an awesome God. My husband is on his way home! Prayer is the key—and the power of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Encouraging a Distant Husband

Before this thirty-day challenge, my husband was cold, distant, and barely talking to me. I didn’t want to talk to my husband—let alone encourage him, and I couldn’t find anything about him to encourage.

This challenge has not only helped me realize that my husband is a good man, but there are a lot of things he does that require encouragement. It also allowed me to let go of every offense and the unforgiveness in my heart as I was forced to show him love and speak words of life to him every day.

With this challenge and prayer, I have seen my husband’s attitude change toward me drastically. He now does little things for me that he would rarely do, and he is more open to me now. Our relationship has grown so much. It has helped me see the gem I have in my husband and helped me appreciate him in spite of his shortcomings.

It also helped me to realize I wasn’t perfect either. I would tell every married person who lacks encouragement for their spouse to take this challenge and watch God work.

So . . . are you willing to take the challenge? You can sign up for it here. The challenge starts on June 17. Ready, set, encourage!

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Hayley Mullins

Hayley Mullins

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