Don’t Just Hang in There!

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Wow, I can’t get adjusted to the idea of being a “grandma!” Please don’t misunderstand–I love having a grandchild, it’s just that this season kind of crept up on me real fast. I guess I’m a slow adjuster, like when I continued to lay out a place setting for my daughter for months after she went to college!

For all the challenges and long nights that motherhood requires, one thing will never change–it passes far more quickly than you realize. When you’re drowning in laundry and dirty diapers, it seems you’ll never come up for air again. But I assure those of you who are young moms–one day you’ll be setting the dinner table and look up to realize the little ones have all grown up.

I had the delight of spending the first couple of weeks with my new grandbaby. Rocking and singing hymns to her through night vigils brought sweet memories and tears as I returned to early years of motherhood. It seems any moment now I should “wake up” and have my own little ones climbing into my lap.

Moms, please don’t let these days slip by too quickly. Stop to play. Stop to sing and rock. Stop to pray with your toddler. Hug the squabbling siblings and sneak out of the house to have a Sonic date with your teen! Perhaps check out this blog post for few “tips from an old mom.”

Take it from a mom (now a “grandmom”) who has to fight back tears when reminiscing over those days.

Don’t just “hang in there”–intentionally enjoy your children! 

“Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward” (Psalm 127:3).

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