Do the Things That Entertain You Pass the Test of God’s Word?

If there’s one thing that defines the current generation compared to those that came before, it is the enormous amount of distractions available, especially when it comes to the entertainment industry. It's amazing how subtly those at the forefront of the media are slowly indoctrinating us to their way of thinking. This often happens without us noticing. It leads us toward thoughts, feelings, desires, and in some cases, even actions that do not line up to the plumbline of God’s Word.

I was talking to a friend recently, and she mentioned that it is incredible how we Christians have become so involved in social networks that we have come to see living our lives in these spaces as a necessity or almost an obligation. It is as if these platforms are our world. They entertain us, motivate us, and, unfortunately, distort us. We’ve even gotten to the point where we look for applications in which we can add filters and makeup to our photos in order to look good, even if our very world is falling apart.

Perhaps we need to stop looking for a filter to make us look better, and start looking for a new kind of filter: one through which we can evaluate what entertains us. Philippians 4:8 seems very suitable: “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” And by the way,t his is not a recommendation—it is a command!

Look through the Lens

If we objectively inspect what we enjoy, be it music, movies, books, activities, hobbies, etc. through this lens, what will we find? Perhaps, for example, we’ll see a certain TV series that we are so passionate about—the one we binge-watch in a single weekend or stay up way too late watching. Whatever we find, we must ask ourselves, do these programs model what a woman should be? Do they elevate marriage to where it belongs? Do these entertaining things depict in any way what the life of a believer should be? I'm not saying we can't enjoy a good series or movie. What I'm trying to convey is that we should give importance to evaluating what entertains us and filtering it through Philippians 4:8. 

Think of the relationships sold to us by the entertainment industry, Hollywood, or social networks. Are they what the Bible defines as "true"? Many times we see and idealize celebrity relationships, the details of which can go viral. These types of events intrigue us, but they often lull us into forgetting that most celebrities don’t hold to a biblical standard of purity or seek to live lives that honor God.

I have always insisted that fairytale stories are the ones that have done the most damage to the women of my generation, and I think the same is true of the current generation of young women, even if the “tales” look a little different. I have nothing against princesses, but we have to be careful about what is truly behind each story. The Bible teaches us that our hearts are deceitful and evil. If we do not put a filter—a watchman—on our brains and hearts, we will be easily swept away into the world’s stream, even praising women who certainly do not represent what the Word of God calls us to be. We will find ourselves applauding the lives, actions, and ideals of women who deliberately reject God and His design. All of this happens subtly, and when our guard is down—when we’re being entertained—we can easily be carried away by all sorts of currents.

Sift Them through the Grid

It is imperative that we intentionally evaluate, filter, and analyze our hearts, our motivations, our hobbies, and then ask God to help us see if each of these activities points us to any truth at all. Here are a few questions to ask:

  • Is what is presented or modeled honest? 
  • Are the actions or conduct of those involved good or fair? 
  • Does it lead to purity? 
  • Is it kind? 
  • Is there any virtue, anything worthy of praise from God? 

I don’t propose that we live in a bubble. I like watching series, but in some cases I have had to leave them because it becomes obvious to me that the message conveyed does not glorify God, does not bring benefits to my life, grieves the Holy Spirit within me, and may lead me to accept things that, in light of Scripture, are not acceptable. 

Some may say that times have changed, and we must be less legalistic. Still, the Bible teaches us that there is nothing new under the sun and that the same enemy that subtly deceived Eve is the one who today will use any means to sell us those same lies and tempt us to fall. May God help us “set a watchman” to keep us from harm, even in the things that entertain us. May He give us the grace to run to Him in repentance if we have sinned in this area. In Christ, we can find forgiveness and rely upon His Spirit to give us the power to overcome all temptation!

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Yamell Jaramillo

Yamell Jaramillo

Yamell Jaramillo is currently the content and special projects manager for Aviva Nuestros Corazones, the Spanish division of Revive Our Hearts. She loves the Word of God and passionately lives the Christian life.

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