Dear Holy Spirit . . .

Dear Holy Spirit,

Let me start by apologizing for ignoring You these past years. I confess it wasn’t intentional, but I somehow forgot You were around.

When I look back on our relationship, I barely remember formally meeting You. All I know is that we had a mutual friend, Jesus, and the next thing I knew You were trying to move into my house. I didn’t like that. I mean, I’d invited Jesus over, but I sure did not expect Him to bring the whole family along.

I ignored You for a while, but You didn’t go away.

One day I needed some help with a project, and You were a good one to have around. You seemed to be a step ahead of me, and You could do things most other people couldn’t do. It was uncanny how You saw things others tended to overlook. Once You even warned me about my co-worker, and it turned out You were right. I don’t think I ever thanked You for that.

I soon got in the habit of only paying attention to You when I needed help, which wasn’t that often. You saw an inch and took a mile. Pretty soon You wanted to move into my whole house. I didn’t say You could. There are things a gal doesn’t want the whole world to know.

I came back from work one day and saw You searching through my private drawers. “What are you doing?” I shrieked. You simply gave me that look. I hate that look. I wish You’d just say something instead. That look always makes me feel like I did something wrong.

Okay, okay. So I did do something wrong. I shouldn’t have been browsing those Internet sites, but couldn’t You just keep out of my personal stuff?

In all the years You’ve been around, I still don’t get You. Days go by when You don’t say a word, then out of the blue I catch You whispering to me. Who whispers anymore? I can barely hear You when You whisper. I actually have to shut the iPod off and hang up the phone to make out what You are saying. Why don’t You just speak up instead?

But then there are times . . . times when You confuse me and act like You really know me and care about me. Like that time I got home from work and was so upset. I didn’t even have to explain the situation to You. It was like You just got it and next thing I knew You had Your arm around me and I could tell that You knew. No one else understood why I was so upset that day, but You didn’t need an explanation. You were just there. Sorry I forgot to thank You.

If You have no intention of moving out anytime soon, I think it would be good for us to finally get to know each other more. What do You say? Is it too late for that?

I hope not.

See as I’m getting older, I want to go places I’ve never been before, and I want to see things I’ve never seen before. But most of all, lately I’ve been thinking how much You remind me of Jesus.

Can You take me to see Jesus someday?

After all, He’s the reason You ended up here to begin with. Maybe it’s finally time I figured why He did that.



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Lina Abujamra

Lina Abujamra

Lina AbuJamra was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and now calls Chicago home. She is a Pediatric ER doctor and the founder of Living With Power Ministries. As an author, podcaster, and conference speaker, her vision is to bring hope to … read more …

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