The Cross-Shaped Family and Hope in Suffering

Livestream: The ERLC’s Cross-Shaped Family Conference

The ERLC’s Cross-Shaped Family National Conference is this weekend, with speakers Russell Moore, Eric Mason, Jen Wilkin, Ray and Jani Ortlund, Matt Chandler, and many others addressing these questions: “How can followers of Jesus find strength to parent well, and how can families find hope when cultural forces, temptations, and difficulties often bring pressure and chaos?” Watch the free livestream today!


Why We Ought to Be Humbled by Hurricane Michael

On Thursday’s episode of The Briefing, Albert Mohler shared an update on the catastrophic hurricane Michael, which hit Florida just two miles an hour short of being a Category 5 storm. “We will continue to pray for those whose lives and livelihoods are at risk or perhaps already affected by hurricane Michael,” Mohler says. “We'll continue to pray for God to preserve life, and we will continue to pray with hope for that army of volunteers and others who will be rushing into these areas to bring help.” Listen to this episode.


Suffering Revealed How Weak I Was: What I Learned from Kidney Failure

October 19, 2014, is a day Paul Tripp will never forget. After going to the hospital with minor symptoms, he was diagnosed with acute kidney failure. “This is humbling to admit,” he writes, “but my physical experience did two things for me. First, it exposed an idol of self I did not know was there . . . The second wonderful (and painful) thing my experience exposed was a lack of trust in placing my complete dependence on God.” He shares more in this post.


How to Stay Married When You’re Stuck Between Needy Teens and Aging Parents

Dorothy Littell Greco knows how “caring for family on both ends of the spectrum—growing kids and aging parents—can compromise even the healthiest marriage.” As she says, “For the many mid-lifers who find themselves pulled in two directions, it’s imperative for us to discern how to protect and nurture our marriages as we serve our families.” Here’s what Dorothy has learned from her experience. Read this post.


The Visible Power of God

When Shauna Amick looks at her daughter, Sarah, she sees beauty, strength, and joy. Sarah was born with Down Syndrome, and as her mom explains, “God made Sarah for the same reason He made you: so that the work, the power, and the glory of the Lord might be put on display.” This October, as we celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month, ask Jesus to give you eyes to see Him in the lives of those around you. Read this post.


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