Awkward True Woman Conversations, Horror Films, and Strong Women

1. What Is a True Woman?

How much fun would it be to get together and talk about the awkward conversations we’ve had because of our True Woman '18 tote bags? Those two words—True Woman—may be dear to our hearts, but they can seem a little weird to the strangers glancing over at our bag as we’re standing in line at Starbucks. To help prepare you with some answers for your next conversation about what a true woman believes, Shannon Popkin put together a list of quotes that we heard from the platform at TW '18, and wow, are they powerful!

2. The Horror of Horror Movies

In my classroom over the last few weeks, the youngest students have been studying spiders and bats and pumpkins as they count down the days until Halloween. Meanwhile, my high schoolers have been begging to hear scary stories—not going to happen! Heart-pumping horror may seem harmless, but in this LYWB post, Erin Davis explains why it isn’t. Moms and youth ministry leaders, you’ll want to pull this up with your teens and discuss why it’s wise to avoid horror movies this Halloween (and the rest of the year).

3. What Makes a Woman Strong

When it comes to strong women, there are few examples more beautiful and important than that of Deborah in Judges 4–5. Kathleen Nielson digs into Deborah’s story to help us get a clearer view of the kind of strength the Bible celebrates. “Like Deborah, may more and more strong, godly women speak the Word, obey it, and sing it with all our hearts, for the glory of Christ our Lord.” Amen!

4. Not Abandoned

Many of you have been praying for author and longtime True Woman blogger, Kimberly Wagner, and her husband, LeRoy, since he began facing a life-altering illness one year ago. You may be in the midst of a similar situation, or fighting loneliness, or feeling the loss of a loved one. I hope you’ll spend some time reading what Kimberly says in this post. “My husband’s losses and pain threaten to sink us into despair on some days,” she writes. “We would surely drown in it, except for the abiding presence of Christ. He promised that He would not abandon us—and He hasn’t.”

5. Upcoming Radio: For Better or for Worse with Jimmy and Kelly Needham

My mom and I were walking towards one of the last sessions of True Woman '18 when a cart carrying Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, Betsy Gómez, and Kelly Needham came speeding along beside us. It was my first time meeting Kelly in person and, well . . . I might have fangirled and asked for an autographed copy of her not-yet-released book! Jimmy and Kelly Needham are an absolute gift to the church, and you’re not going to want to miss their wisdom on the Revive Our Hearts radio program next week!

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