Ask God to Fulfill His Purposes: Surviving—And Thriving—In An Economic Crisis

Nancy’s fourth principle in “Hope for Uncertain Times: Surviving—And Thriving—In An Economic Crisis” is:

Ask God to fulfill His purposes.

God uses adversity to show us what is in our hearts, to purify us, and to deepen our dependence on Him. Seasons of leanness can prove to be times of great blessing, as people are stripped of self-reliance and their hearts are turned toward the Lord. (Deut. 8:3).

Are you more focused on meeting your own needs and solving your problems or on seeing God’s redemptive purposes fulfilled in your life, in those around you, and in our world? Are you willing to suffer loss, and if necessary, to be materially poor, if that would result in God being glorified and His Kingdom being advanced?

Here’s where these questions find me:

I want to go on at least one missions trip this next year. Last year, I smuggled Bibles into a closed country. I would rather not do that again—I’ve “been there done that,” and now I’m ready for a new adventure. In other words, it’s all about me.

I am focused more on the financial cost, the time commitment, and my selfish desires than on the incredible need for God’s Word, and on the advancement of God’s redemptive purposes in the world. I realize that I must seriously consider and pray about going again.

Where do these questions find you?

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Paula Marsteller

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