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Catching the Joy

Rachel Jankovic: "Being a mother who can laugh at the endless work while living in the joy of the Lord does not draw our children's attention to us and our work so much as it draws their attention to the source of our joy. Read the Article.

The Soul-Shattering Sting of Loneliness

Tony Reinke interviews Dr. Peter Leithart about something many of us deal with: loneliness. Dr Leithart says, "Humans connect to other humans at so basic a level that when we disconnect, our souls shatter into a thousand little pieces." Read the Interview.

Giving Jars

I thought you might enjoying reading about a Christmas tradition that David and Heather Platt enjoy with their kids. Read the post.

When You're Headed to a Broken Home for the Holidays

What do you do when you're not excited about going home for Christmas? Too many of us have to wrestle with this angst. But the better question is: What should you remember? Read the Article.

Why Do Churches Focus So Much on Families?

There is a good and right emphasis on family in our churches and in the Christian community. But what happens when family is turned into an idol? Scott Sauls discusses the dangers of elevating family beyond what it should be. Read the Article.

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