Articles, Resources, and More . . . Oh My! (12/12/14)

Christmas Questions with Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Here are Dennis and Barbara Rainey doing what they do best—discussing how to intentionally invest in your family throughout every season.

Who Was St. Nicholas?

It's that time of year when the blogosphere has no shortage of articles about Santa. So, who was St. Nicholas, really? Kevin DeYoung gives a helpful explanation based on what we can know from history.

Santa Strategically

Christians have differing opinions on Santa and whether or not to incorporate that tradition into their family's Christmas celebrations. Jen Wilkin, who always seems to have something helpful to offer, explains how her family chose to do this while her kids were growing up.

Carson and the UPS Man

This is the most precious video of the holiday season so far! Little Carson will melt your heart, and Mr. Ernie will challenge you to invest in those you cross paths with every day. (HT: Owen)

Still Small Voice

We've all heard the story of Elijah and his encounter with the still, small voice of God. But what's the significance of that story? Here's an insightful explanation that will leave you in awe of how God has woven His Word together.

Women's Ministry Leaders Link:

Take a Break From the Chaos

Ministry is busy and can leave you harried in your soul. David Mathis shares why it's vitally important for you to take time to be still and quiet before the Lord at various times. It may not be the way our culture works, but it may be just what your soul needs.

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