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9 Things You Should Know About Refugees in America

"Currently, across the globe about 19.5 million people are refugees, and about half are children." These men and women, boys and girls aren't just "out there." They are here, in America, too. Let's ask the Lord to give us a heart for them.

Stop and Enjoy the Ordinary

Ordinary things can often be boring, but that doesn't make them less important in the whole scope of God's plan and glory. I need this truth proclaimed to my heart over and over again.

7 Steps to Knowing the Will of God

Dr. Lawless provides a helpful guide to a subject that should be settled in my heart—if only it weren't for the ups, downs, and inbetweens of my emotions, circumstances, and faith.

An Earth More Beautiful Than Beautiful

Jared Wilson: "So the mandate for Christians now is to see the earth around us in light of the heaven that's coming. This has huge implications for everything—for the Swiss Alps and for your front yard, for the people at your church and for your daughter's goldfish."

God Will Give You More Than You Can Handle

Have you ever told someone or had someone tell you, "God won't give you more than you can handle?" While it sounds nice, it isn't true to Scripture. Mitch Case writes about this common comfort phrase.

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